PVG Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

PVG Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt
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The fire-resistant conveyor belt is made of a monolithic core as a skeleton material, which is made by impregnating and coating PVG materials with excellent antistatic and flame retardant properties.


Application: mainly used in coal mines.




1. Belt surface can be PVC and PVG.

2. PVG fire retardant conveyor belt is suitable for the transport of wet and watery materials with an inclination of less than 20 degrees.

3. Belt not delaminated, small elongation, impact resistance and tear resistance.

4. The core fire resistant belt is wear-resistant, anti-static, waterproof, flame-retardant, high in strength, excellent in safety performance and lower in cost and cheaper than other fire resistant conveyor belts.


Color: Black( v pattern)


Character: fire resistant, acid resistant, static resistant, oil resistant, wear resistant.


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