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Why Do You Need To Clean The Conveyor Belt Regularly?

Aug 02, 2019

After the rubber conveyor belt has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the dirt on the surface of the conveyor belt. The purpose of this is to ensure the service life of the conveyor belt on the one hand, and to ensure the working capacity of the conveyor belt and the energy consumption on the other hand. So what is the process of cleaning the rubber conveyor belt? 

1. When cleaning the rubber conveyor belt, first turn off the steam valve and adjust the pressure according to the position of the tensioning device.

2. For mechanical and electrical equipment, wrap it in plastic.

3. Connect the rubber conveyor belt and connect the washing machine to 220v AC.

4. Wet the rubber conveyor belt. (The purpose of this is to make the conveyor belt absorb the cleaning solution better, and the ring nylon conveyor belt is cleaner.)

5. Mix the ratio of the cleaning solution to water at 1:10 and mix well.

6. Use a rushing gun to spray the cleaning solution evenly on the belt. Pay attention to the reinforcing side of the belt. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the belt. The gun should be swept once and not repeatedly.

7, rinse with water, this time should be careful, because the general rubber conveyor belt is difficult to clean, so everyone has to pay special attention, carefully clean, and then dry it.