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Why Conveyor Belt Bubble?

May 05, 2019

There are also some problems in the process of using the conveyor belt. In terms of the endless conveyor belt, the Xinxiang belt may have foaming during use. So what are the reasons for the bubbling of the endless conveyor belt?

Factors causing foaming of the endless conveyor belt and solutions:

Factor 1:

The mixing of the auxiliary materials is uneven. If the dispersion is not good, the foaming will be smashed. If the foaming is broken, the powder can be seen.

Factor 2:

Check whether the pressure and time of the internal mixer and the temperature exceed the standard. If it is open, it depends on whether the feeding sequence and the number of refining thin passes conform to the process;

Factor 3:

It was originally mixed with water, or it is now caused by excessive water in the rainy season. It is recommended that the warehouse should have a humidity control device, not too humid;

Factor 4:

Air bubbles are formed in the rubber compound to form bubbles;

Factor 5:

The rubber is too much; it has been burnt.