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What Should Be Paid Attention To When The Conveyor Belt Is Ready For Formulation?

Sep 02, 2019

What should be paid attention to when the conveyor belt is ready for formulation?

 1. Be sure to understand the basic properties of the polymer, such as polarity type, density, hardness (green rubber and filler), Mooney viscosity, tensile strength, elongation at break, and applicable temperature range. All kinds of rubber, especially special rubber, must be able to meet the requirements of weather resistance, pressure change, rebound, tear, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, electrical properties and bonding with metal.

   2. The performance index, characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used compounding agents for vulcanization, reinforcing filling, protection, softening, pigment and other major systems, the optimal number of parts used, and the influence on the main physical and mechanical properties of the products. The number of copies, prices, etc. should be used in a convenient way.

   3, to be familiar with the different representation of the formula, and to achieve the spirit and mastery and skilled conversion. For example, when determining the production formula, it should be converted into weight according to the capacity (volume) of the mixer; when determining the amount of glue used for molding, it is also necessary to consider the density of different rubbers, and the weight of the glue is also different. P8 y- ~.

   4. It is necessary to be proficient in the chemical composition analysis of the raw and auxiliary materials, the physical and mechanical properties test instruments and test methods of the rubber and finished products, and to guide and adjust the optimized formula according to the test data.

   5, to have a full understanding of the processing properties of various rubber compounds, it is best to be able to master the processing methods of mastication, mixing, extrusion, calendering, molding, vulcanization, etc., it is best to personally operate the experience.

   6, to be cost-conscious, to have a full understanding of the market price of materials, formula optimization, in order to meet the physical and mechanical performance and processing performance of customers need to minimize costs, to achieve the best cost.

  7. Have daily maintenance and optimization of the formula. Any formula is not static. It is necessary to adjust and optimize the production formula according to the changing situation, such as replacing the original non-environmental materials with new and better materials, advancing with the times, adapting to the new situation, and developing new formulas. .

  8, to participate in exchanges, learn more diligent thinking, more reference to the characteristics of the counterparts, especially the master's formula, do more comparisons, ask a few more why? Not only must we know that we must know why, we must do our best to make up for ourselves and constantly improve our own level.