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What Safety Measures Should Be Taken When Using Nylon Conveyor Belts?

Aug 29, 2019

What safety measures should be taken when using nylon conveyor belts?

    1. Construction workers must wear safety helmets when entering the construction site.

    2. The operator must strictly abide by the coal mine safety operation procedures.

    3. It is strictly forbidden to work after drinking, illegal operation and so on.

    4. Do not wear hard plastic shoes when entering the construction site.

    5. Since the materials used for bonding are all flammable materials, fireproof equipment should be provided.

    6. Nylon conveyor belt should be selected in the place where the ventilation is good.

    7. The electrical equipment used should be grounded.

    8, the staff must concentrate, not allowed to talk and laugh.

    9. With glued in a dusty environment, measures must be taken to shed.

    10. Move the vulcanizing equipment and take care to avoid injury caused by scratches.

    11. Wear a gas mask if you are not well ventilated or working for a long time.

   12. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the working area of nylon conveyor belt.