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What's The Inorganic Rubber Belt Composition

Mar 26, 2019

The amount of the inorganic filler in the rubber is roughly equivalent to the amount of the carbon black, which accounts for about 50% of the amount of the rubber. From the viewpoint of the entire polymer of the rubber conveyor belt component, the amount of the inorganic filler far exceeds the amount of the carbon black. Because the fillers used in the plastics and coatings industries are mainly inorganic;

The characteristics of inorganic rubber belt filler and the main methods of surface modification:

Compared with carbon black, inorganic filler has the following characteristics: mainly from minerals, the price is relatively low, mostly color or light color; low energy consumption, high energy consumption for manufacturing carbon black than inorganic filler; some inorganic fillers have special Functions, such as flame retardancy, magnetic properties, etc.; basically no reinforcement to rubber;

The main method of surface modification of inorganic fillers: changing or improving the surface hydrophilicity of inorganic fillers is the key to improving the reinforcing properties of inorganic fillers. The modification of fillers generally includes hydrophilic group adjustment method, particle surface grafting, and particle surface ions. The surface of the polymer, the surface of the polymer, the coupling agent or the surfactant to modify the surface of the inorganic filler, and the last one is the widely used method of the rubber conveyor belt manufacturer;