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What's Advantage Of Polyurethane Conveyor Belts

Apr 02, 2019

Polyurethane conveyor belt is a kind of industrial belt, suitable for machine tools, petroleum, chemical, agricultural machinery and other related industries. Next, let's introduce the advantages of polyurethane conveyor belts.

1. Polyester conveyor belt has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

2, its fixed load elongation is small, the use of elongated small polyester canvas conveyor belt is better than the non-slip conveyor belt and other fabric core conveyor belt, which can shorten the export stroke and save equipment costs. Suitable for material transport over long distances.

3, good water resistance performance in a humid environment, the tape's strong adhesion temperature does not decrease, extend the life of the tape.

4, good elasticity, impact-resistant polyester canvas is rich in unique elasticity, can absorb shock very well.

5, the belt body can be light weight due to the strength of the polyester canvas, about 2.5-9 times that of the cotton sail, compared with the food conveyor belt, can reduce the layer, so the belt is thin, light weight, good groove, improve Conveying can reduce the transmission power, and can reduce the diameter of the pulley to save the purpose.

6. Cover layer: tensile strength is not less than 15Mpa, elongation at break is not less than 350%, and wear is ≤200mm3.