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What Is The Need To Maintain A Rubber Conveyor Belt?

Sep 14, 2019

What is the need to maintain a rubber conveyor belt?

1. The rubber conveyor belt is the main component of the conveyor. It has a great effect and is widely used in steel, coal, alloy, chemical, building materials and other industries. It uses rubber conveyor belt as the transportation carrier and has safe operation and convenient use compared with its transportation mode. The advantages of low shipping costs. However, we must also pay attention to the maintenance of the rubber conveyor belt.

2. During transportation and storage, the conveyor belt should be kept clean and protected from direct sunlight or rain and snow to prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other materials, and one meter away from the heating device. Store temperature and humidity should be kept well during storage. During storage, the conveyor belt must be placed in rolls and should be flipped once a quarter during storage. Conveyor belts of different types and sizes are not suitable for use together, and the joints are preferably glued.

3, to understand the specific control site, suitable for what occasions, to no longer cheap conveyor belt can not make it is also empty, for the storage of conveyor belt, for the conveyor belt must first understand its function, there must be a certain solution, should Throughout the connection to prevent direct sunlight or rain and snow immersion, 1 conveyor belt in the transportation and storage, to prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other substances, the relative humidity should be maintained at about 50%, the conveyor belt storage The temperature of the silo should be kept between 18-40 °C.