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What Is The Development Direction Of China's Rubber Conveyor Belt

Mar 08, 2019

The development of the rubber conveyor belt manufacturing industry innovation and upgrading has become the appeal of the industry and academic circles, and is regarded as the only choice to maintain the current advantages of China's manufacturing industry and achieve sustainable development.
Emerging and advanced processes and technologies are the two core driving forces for industrial transformation and upgrading, especially in today's global economic environment with uncertain future trends. For many conveyor belt manufacturers in China, they continue to maintain themselves. Competitiveness to achieve the ability to innovate, to develop potential energy through change, maximize the utilization of existing asset investment, improve the operating rate, and ultimately how to achieve operational efficiency and efficiency.
It is also closely related to the adoption and implementation of new and advanced processes and technologies. It provides insights from different perspectives, communicates, and focuses on production management and enterprise manufacturing intelligence, emerging process detection technologies, modern safety concepts and technologies, asset management and strategic maintenance. Integrated belt conveyor machinery motion control, logistics and transportation mobile technology and wireless solutions, energy optimization management, social media and mechanical digital operation simulation and other hot and productive processes and technologies to achieve the excellence of operation and sustainable manufacturing of rubber plant conveyor belts The forefront of development.