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What Is The Detection Of The Smoothness Of The Tapered Roller?

Sep 13, 2019

What is the detection of the smoothness of the tapered roller?

1. When writing smooth oil, smooth technicians use ultrasonic instruments to detect bearings. Gradually fill the oil until the decibel strength drops to the bottom line.

2. If there is no bottom line as a guide, the amount of smooth oil should be stopped when the sound drops and rises again. At this time, the technician should stop using the smooth oil continuously.

3. Calculate the dosage based on the guidance of the tapered roller and the conflict roller manufacturer, and then write the smooth oil, not too much. This process is very one-sided and has nothing to do with ultrasound, and this process has never failed.

Two major questions about the cone roller protection skills are:

1. When should I change the oil?

2. If the oil change is too small, the bearing will be discarded early; if the oil is too much, the parallel roller will be in trouble or damage the power coil and the coil for a long time.