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What Factors Can Cause Scarring On Heat-resistant Conveyor Belts?

May 10, 2019

The heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton cloth) or polyester canvas with high temperature resistant or heat resistant rubber. It is bonded together by high temperature vulcanization. It is suitable for conveying hot coke, cement and slag below 175 °C. And hot castings, etc.

It is inevitable that there will be problems in the appearance of the conveyor belt, but we need to understand the reasons and know how to avoid it as much as possible. Similarly, alum is the most common appearance defect of heat-resistant conveyor belts.

The plasticity of the rubber is too small to be poor in fluidity. If the blending composition of the ethylene-acrylic rubber is unreasonable, especially if the softener is used improperly, the plasticity is small and the fluidity is poor, which may cause alum;

When the flat vulcanizing machine is closed, if the vulcanization speed of the rubber is too fast, the rubber has not been completely flattened, the rubber compound has been vulcanized, and the unfilled place is alum;

The rubber is too plastic or too viscous, causing gas in the vulcanization. If the viscosity of the rubber is too large, when the flat vulcanizing machine is combined with the film, the extrusion does not easily discharge the air, and the air tends to cause alum.