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What Categories Of Rubber Conveyor Belt

May 22, 2019

Conveyor belt selection:

When using a belt conveyor, a good quality conveyor belt can also effectively extend the working time, reduce the chance of equipment shutdown, and enable the conveyor equipment to continue to operate efficiently. When the conveyor belt is subjected to a large tension, the core with as few layers as possible and high strength should be selected, which is easier to satisfy than the core with a large number of the majority. The thin conveyor belt has good bending performance, and when it is wound around the drum bending, the belt cores are evenly loaded between the layers, so that a small tensile safety factor can be selected; for materials with large blockiness and hardness, optional Multi-layer belt conveyor belt.

Classification of rubber conveyor belts:

A conveyor belt is divided into rubber conveyor belt according to the use environment, including (normal type, heat-resistant type, flame-retardant type, burning-resistant type, acid-base type, oil-resistant type), heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, Acid and alkali conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, food conveyor belt and other models. The minimum thickness of the cover tape on the ordinary conveyor belt and the food conveyor belt is 3.0mm, and the minimum cover rubber is 1.5mm; the minimum thickness of the cover rubber on the heat-resistant conveyor belt, the cold-resistant conveyor belt, the acid-resistant conveyor belt and the oil-resistant conveyor belt is 4.5. Mm, the lower cover rubber is at least 2.0mm. According to the specific circumstances of the use environment, the thickness of the upper and lower covering rubbers can be increased by 1.5 mm.

B is divided by width according to the amount of transportation.

C is divided into ordinary conveyor belt and strong conveyor belt according to the tensile strength of the rubber conveyor belt. The powerful canvas rubber conveyor belt is divided into a nylon rubber conveyor belt (NN conveyor belt) and a polyester rubber conveyor belt (EP conveyor belt).