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What Are The Ways Of Wire Rope Lifting Belt Joints?

Aug 31, 2019

What are the ways of wire rope lifting belt joints?

      1. Fixture joints, the industry is collectively referred to as belt clamps, wire rope joint clamps, joint clamps, joint devices, etc. Divided into carbon steel and aluminum alloy fixtures. This joint method is more flexible, suitable for field joints, easy to adjust the length, and this joint is the most robust and durable way. If there is a problem in the later stage, you can cut off the conveyor belt and re-join the joint, and only adjust the tension roller.

      2, the joint is a ring-shaped seamless joint, that is, after the production of the steel wire rope, the two ends of the steel wire are twisted, screwed together, and vulcanized and glued. This method is particularly troublesome when loading the bucket. It is difficult to install the lifting strap. And it's very easy to master. Poor size leads to length or shortness. It is easy to break when using the time process. After all, the steel wire is screwed together and vulcanized.