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What Are The Requirements For Gears Used In Conveyor Belts?

Jun 27, 2019

What are the requirements for gears used in conveyor belts?

Conveyor belts have a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, etc., but with the long-term use of gears, it is inevitable damage to the conveyor belt.

1. Set up safety, control the entry of iron and hard long strips from the source of the transportation system, and set up necessary crushers and iron removers along the transportation system.

2. to prevent sun and rain, conveyor belt inventory to avoid sun and rain, for long-term storage of conveyor belts, it is necessary to carry out longitudinal tensile strength test.

3. regular inspection, the drum should be periodically tested for flaw detection, early detection of cracks, excessive local wear and other operational hazards. Reasonable design. The design of the tape receiving and transfer point funnel should be reasonable. It is necessary to avoid the formation of excessively high drops and to change the direction of the coal flow so that the coal flow is consistent with the basic direction of the belt conveyor.

4. temperature, it is forbidden to transport large volume objects and any irons with conveyor belts, and the temperature should be guaranteed for the materials with the required particle size, so as not to cause damage, peeling and falling off of the cover rubber.

5. maintenance, for the conveyor belt guide tank, cleaning device and other accessories facilities, daily maintenance should be carried out carefully, if the gap is increased or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.