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What Are The Replacement Methods For Rubber Conveyor Belts?

Sep 12, 2019

What are the replacement methods for rubber conveyor belts?

1. Release the pulling force of the belt conveying machine such as the loop EP rubber belt, and tighten it with the tensioning device, mark the beveled edge in the middle of the two tensioning devices, and cut the EP conveyor belt to be replaced. The strip section is cut parallel to the beveled edge. Note that the strip body needs to be supported on the shelf beforehand to calculate the overlap length of the layered conveyor belt: front and rear connection length *2+ length of the replaced section + EP rubber belt width* Is a 0.3-fold beveled section such as a layered fabric core rubber belt having a shorter extension length than its width?

2. After releasing the tension of the belt body, pull it together with a tensioning device, mark the oblique line in the middle of the two tensioning devices and cut the layered tape to make the determined excess part + single connection length parallel to the oblique cutting edge. Cut down; size of the plug section: connection length for front and rear connection *2+ single belt width as the intermediate section + ring conveyor belt width *0.3 times the chamfer section