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What Are The Preventive Measures When Rubber Conveyor Belts Are Used In The Coal Industry?

Jul 29, 2019

Rubber conveyor belts are not widely used in coal transportation, but they are still useful. Compared with coal mine materials, the rubber conveyor belt has a soft texture. Therefore, it is inevitable that the surface covering rubber will be damaged during the contact with the coal mine. The service life. Therefore, when using rubber conveyor belts in the coal mining industry, preventive measures must be taken to reduce the damage of the conveyor belt.

     1. The operators are trained before they are officially employed and can operate independently. Strengthen the technical training, responsibility education and discipline strengthening of the conveyor driver, maintenance workers and patrol workers. After passing the examination, they will be certified.

     2. Replace the discharge hopper of the coal machine discharge port and tilt it at a certain angle to increase the buffer so as not to lie directly on the rubber conveyor belt.

     3, the coal mining face to strengthen management, so that large pieces of coal, not on the conveyor belt. After the implementation, the roller was almost not smashed, and the roller frame was not damaged, which effectively protected the conveyor belt.

    4Weld several brackets on the roller frame, and weld the joints to increase the strength of the roller frame. Add the hooks on the top of the groove of the roller to fix the roller and prevent the roller from being smashed. .

      5Extend the guide trough and the conveyor belt of all the coal-falling points, and increase the mesh-type guide net to prevent the meteorite from getting stuck or falling between the roller frame and the return conveyor.

     6Let the patrolling and maintenance workers carefully study the method of adjusting the deviation, carefully inspect, and replace the new roller in time for the roller that is about to break or turn inflexibly, and find that the bad roller is replaced in time.

     7Add 2 roller holders to each of the roller conveyors at all the belt conveyors to reduce the span of the roller frame and increase the density of the roller frame so that the conveyor belt passes through the low pressure. Drooping inside the roller overhead.

     8Strengthen the safe and civilized production of conveyor roadway and coal mining face to meet the requirements of standardization; daily maintenance and maintenance of conveyor safety protection device.