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What Are The Performance Characteristics/advantages Of The Groove/groove Roller?

May 29, 2019

The classification of the groove/groove type roller has been briefly introduced before. Then, regarding the performance characteristics/advantages of the groove/groove type roller, ZT BELTING takes you to understand.

Feature 1, the grooved roller has corrosion resistance:

Acid and alkali salts are not corrosive to them.

Feature 2, the grooved roller has a strong hardness:

Strong wear resistance.

Feature 3, the groove/groove roller has good sealing performance:

The grooved roller is fully sealed, and plastic labyrinth seals are installed at both ends. The oil-slip grease will not leak, and the rolling shaft can be long-term; the grooved roller is in a fully sealed state.

Feature 4, grooved roller ceramic surface:

The oxide film is formed, the surface is smooth, the material is not adhered, and the friction coefficient with the conveyor belt is small, which reduces the driving force of the hoisting.

Feature 5, slotted roller has a long service life:

The trough type roller is 2-5 times longer than the steel roller, and can reduce the belt wear, the belt does not run, and the belt life is prolonged.

Feature 6, trough/groove idler operating costs are low:

The trough-type idler reduces the overall cost of the belt conveyor and reduces maintenance man-hours. The trough type roller is widely used in all kinds of transportation places such as mines, power plants, steel plants, stone factories, cement plants, coal washing plants, salt plants, alkali plants, fertilizer plants, docks, etc. Grooved rollers are often used.