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What Are The Mechanical Reasons For The Deviation Of The Conveyor Belt?

Jul 26, 2019

There are many reasons for the deviation of the conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt runs off, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause of the deviation, and then take a reasonable method to correct it.

      1. The structure of the belt conveyor is not straight and the frame level is poor. The structure of the connecting head and tail conveying gears must be straight, and the frame must be horizontally uniform.

      2. The installation of various parts of the conveyor must be in the correct position, and the various fixing bolts of the bearing and return roller support should not be loose;

      3. The material on the surface of the roller causes the roller to rotate badly, or the surface of the roller is stuck with material. The dust or accumulated material may cause unevenness or eccentricity on the surface of the conveying gear, and deflection may occur;

      4. If the center line of the conveying roller rotates and the center line of the conveyor is inconsistent and can immediately cause the deflection of the conveyor belt. If the conveying roller is deformed by an abnormal external force or the shaft is bent, the pulley may be eccentric, and the conveyor belt may be deflected.

      5. If the screw tensioning device is improperly adjusted or the gravity tensioning device is not working properly, the deflection may occur; at the same time, the sliding device such as the skirt plate and the cleaner may be deflected if improperly adjusted.

      6. Causes of the belt tensioning device: Most of the tensioning device is a screw tensioning device and a gravity tensioning device.

      8. Because the conveying roller and the conveyor belt are in contact with the conveyor belt, the bearing pressure is larger than that of the idler roller. Therefore, the deflection caused by the poor feeding roller is very easy, so the roller should pay special attention to it.