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What Are The Factors That Affect The Tensile Strength Of The Conveyor Belt?

Aug 04, 2019

The conveyor belt must maintain a certain tensile force and strength, so that it is convenient and flexible in use, and occasionally the stretching does not cause the belt to break and deform. So what are the factors that affect the tensile force of the conveyor belt?

1. The molecular weight of the rubber determines the tensile stress of the product. The larger the molecule, the better the tensile stress. Conversely, the smaller the tensile stress.

2. The greater the crosslink density of the rubber product, the greater the set pressure.

3. The smaller the particles with the enamel, the greater the pulling force. The addition of stearic acid and zinc oxide increases the surface activity, so the stretching force will also increase. The more the amount of the is used, the greater the stretching force will be.

4. The softener added in the production of rubber products. If the amount of softener used exceeds the standard, the tensile strength of the rubber product will be reduced. Reducing the set pressure will reduce the life of the product, so pay special attention to this.

5, the rubber between the two will also increase the tension, such as: nitrile rubber and PVC blend.

6. The larger the molecular weight, the greater the tensile strength.

7. The rubber of natural rubber, neoprene rubber and butyl rubber has relatively high crystallinity, so the tensile strength of these rubbers is relatively large.