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What Are The Common Causes Of Damage To The Conveyor Belt?

May 28, 2019

The conveyor belt will have different degrees of damage during use. ZT BELTING will introduce the reasons for the damage to the conveyor belt.

The reasons for the damage of the conveyor belt can be summarized, which can be summarized as manufacturing quality, design use, use and maintenance, and transportation management.

So what should we pay attention to! Prevent the conveyor belt from starting; if the conveyor belt runs off, it should take timely measures to correct it; when it is found that the conveyor belt is partially damaged, the artificial cotton should be repaired in time to avoid expansion; avoid the belt being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material. Prevent breakage and tear.

Conveyor belts must be purchased with high quality, and don't look too much at prices.

The following ZT BELTING tells you some reasons why the conveyor belt covers the rubber surface damage:

The gap between the guide groove liner and the tape is suitable for abnormal wear, or foreign matter is embedded in the gap, causing abnormal wear or scratching.

The material flow rate at the guide trough is inconsistent with the conveyor belt speed, and the drop is large, which accelerates the wear of the rubber surface.

The roller is damaged, causing abnormal wear or scratching of the tape.

Violation of the operation, slag burns during inspection, and scratches on the cleaner.

The belting slips and can cause abnormal wear on the belting.