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What Are The Characteristics Of Polyester Canvas Conveyor?

Jun 03, 2019

There are many types of conveyor belts.

According to the different environments, it is divided into rubber conveyor belts (common type, heat-resistant type, flame-retardant type, anti-burning type, acid-base type, oil-resistant type), heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistance. Conveyor belts, oil-resistant conveyor belts, food conveyor belts and other models. The minimum thickness of the cover tape on the ordinary conveyor belt and the food conveyor belt is 3.0mm, and the minimum cover rubber is 1.5mm; the minimum thickness of the cover rubber on the heat-resistant conveyor belt, the cold-resistant conveyor belt, the acid-resistant conveyor belt and the oil-resistant conveyor belt is 4.5. Mm, the lower cover rubber is at least 2.0mm. According to the specific circumstances of the use environment, the thickness of the upper and lower covering rubbers can be increased by 1.5 mm.

Polyester canvas conveyor belt has good elasticity, impact resistance, small elongation at constant load, small elongation, high modulus of elasticity, good water resistance, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, thin body and light weight. The polyester canvas conveyor belt is suitable for the transportation of materials with high bulk density, high impact force and severe wear, and is especially suitable for working environment where the dimensional stability of the conveyor belt is relatively high.

Polyester canvas conveyor belt features:

Feature 1:

The elasticity is good, and the impact-resistant polyester canvas is rich in unique elasticity and absorbs the impact well.

Feature 2:

The constant load elongation is small, and the fixed load elongation performance of the elongated polyester canvas conveyor belt is better than that of the nylon conveyor belt and other fabric core conveyor belts, which can shorten the export stroke, save equipment cost, and be suitable for longer. Distance material transport.

Feature 3:

The water resistance is good and it is used in a humid environment. The strong adhesive temperature of the tape does not decrease, and the service life of the tape is prolonged.

Feature 4:

Good heat resistance and corrosion resistance: thin body and light weight. Because polyester canvas has high strength, it is about 2.5-9 times of cotton sail. Compared with cotton canvas core conveyor belt, it can be layered, so that the belt body is thin and its weight is light. The groove is good, which not only improves the transportation but also reduces the transmission power, and can relatively reduce the diameter of the pulley to achieve the purpose of saving.