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What Are The Advantages Of Acid And Alkali Conveyor Belts Compared To Ordinary Conveyor Belts?

Jun 21, 2019

Do you know that acid and alkali conveyor belts are resistant to low temperatures? What are the advantages of acid and alkali conveyor belts compared to ordinary conveyor belts?

Ordinary conveyor belt This kind of conveyor belt is made of fiber fabric as the core of the belt, and is made of general rubber as the covering material. The surface is smooth and flat (Fig. 1. The core is woven by fibers such as cotton, nylon, polyester or vinylon or The whole fabric. Cotton fiber is the earliest core material used, easy to bond with rubber. The strength is slightly improved in wet state, but the breaking strength is low (mostly around 56 N/(mm·layer)), and the anti-corrosion and mildew resistance is poor. Use is decreasing.

Common methods for conveyor belt joints include mechanical joints, cold bonded joints, and hot vulcanized joints. With the popularization of conveyor belts in industrial production, many varieties, high performance, light weight, multi-function, long life are several aspects that manufacturers pay attention to. The modular mesh belt assembles the injection molded mesh belt into an interlocking unit with plastic hinge pins extending over the entire width of the conveyor belt. This method increases the strength of the conveyor belt and can be assembled into any desired width and length. The baffles and side panels can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of the integral components of the conveyor belt. The large angle wavy rib belt is composed of a base belt, a rib, and a horizontal partition. The ribs prevent the material from slipping and falling. In order to facilitate the winding of the drum, the flange is designed to be corrugated; the diaphragm is used to support the material, and in order to achieve large inclination, the T-type TC is used. The flange and the diaphragm are joined to the base tape by a secondary vulcanization method and have a high joint strength. If the deviation between the two planes is greater than 1 mm, the two planes should be adjusted in the same plane.

Acid-base conveyor belt (acid and alkali-resistant conveyor belt) is suitable for working environment in contact with acid and alkali, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, sea salt and salt. The acid-resistant and alkali-resistant conveyor belt (acid-resistant and alkali-resistant conveyor belt) is made of rubber-plastic blended and filled with temperament materials with excellent alkalinity, and has better acid-base resistance than the neoprene-resistant acid-base conveyor belt. The skeleton material is made of polyester canvas, which is more reliable than the cotton canvas core with acid and alkali resistance, and is generally made into a ring shape.