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The Importance Of The Roller Bracket To The Conveying Machine

Sep 07, 2019

The importance of the roller bracket to the conveying machine What is the importance of the roller bracket to the conveying machine?

      1. The roller bracket is a related auxiliary accessory product for conveying mechanical equipment. Its application is that the accessory roller product plays a better role. It strongly supports the weight of the rollers, conveyor belts and cargo. During the application process, the roller should pay attention to the adjustment of the roller bracket. The good bracket adjustment can effectively prevent the deviation of the conveyor belt.

     2, it is a combination of brackets, bearings, pins, fuselage, rollers and limit blocks and fasteners. Lower end support and body of the roller bracket.

The upper end is connected by a solid piece, and many times it is connected using a stainless steel pipe fitting. On the deflectable roller bracket, a card slot for rotating around the pin shaft is arranged, the roller is installed in the slot of the deflectable roller bracket, and the limiting block for controlling the deflection angle is arranged on the deflectable roller bracket . A pin for rotating the deflectable roller bracket is disposed on the support or the fuselage, and in the case of removing the fastener, the deflectable roller bracket can be horizontally fixed under the control of the limit block The shaft rotates at a certain angle. The best results.