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Structural Features Of Corrugated Conveyor Belt

Mar 31, 2019

The corrugated conveyor belt is mainly composed of the following three parts:

1. High strength and high wear-resistant base belt with greater lateral stiffness and longitudinal flexibility. 2. High strength hot vulcanized rubber corrugated ribs. 3. A transverse partition that prevents objects from sliding down.

The bottom of the rib and the partition and the base tape are heat vulcanized into one body, and the height of the rib and the partition can reach 40-630mm. The canvas is affixed with a canvas to strengthen the rib tear strength, and the wavy rib is soft and flexible. The conveyor belt can be smoothly passed through the end wheel and the tail wheel.

The large angle conveyor belt is generally used in conjunction with the corrugated rib conveyor. The angle of use is generally >=30°C, and it can also be used with the conveyor belt conveyor. The horizontal short distance conveyor (there is generally no partition) waveform The rib conveyor belt adopts a base belt and a rib with a groove of not more than 0.03, and a transverse partition (not required for horizontal conveyance), which is formed by two vulcanization. |

Product features: The large angle conveyor belt is easy to design into a complete conveying system, avoiding intermittent transportation and complicated lifting system. The system features: fast installation speed, large conveying inclination, small floor space, reduced civil construction investment, layout Flexible, low maintenance and low energy consumption.