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Simple Analysis Of Cone Crusher

Oct 14, 2016

With mine technology of constantly development, cone broken machine also is divided into several species, according to type including spring cone broken machine, and rolling mortar type cone broken, and hydraulic cone broken machine and composite cone broken machine 4 big class; according to model is divided into General of PY cone broken machine, and Simmons cone broken machine, and composite cone broken machine, and standard hydraulic cone broken machine, and single cylinder hydraulic cone broken machine and more cylinder hydraulic cone broken machine, many model. Hydraulic crusher is in States with 80 international advanced level for various types of cone crusher is developed on the basis of. It with the traditional structure of the cone crusher is clearly different in design and focus on the known types of cone crusher is the main advantage of. It is suitable for fine crushing and Super fine crushing hard rock, ores, slag, refractories.

Cone Crusher structure: the structure of the main cone Crusher rack, horizontal shaft, cones, balance wheels, eccentric, broken walls (fixed cone), under broken walls (cone), fluid couplings, hydraulic system, lubrication system.