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Several Forms Of Belt Conveyor Roller Damage

Jun 13, 2019

The belt conveyor idler is a general term for the idler roller, including various grooved idlers, cushioning idlers, parallel idlers, and the like. Specifications range from 89 to 219, depending on the type of belt conveyor selected and installed. At present, it includes iron rollers, ceramic rollers, rubber rollers and the like. It is one of the most convenient and most convenient parts for belt conveyors.

Roller bending deformation damage

The damage form is more complicated. The main form of expression is that the roller shaft has large bending deformation, and the deflection angle is too large, which causes the shaft to seal with the bearing seat, and is also likely to cause damage to the roller seal;

Roller skin damage

Mainly because the middle of the roller wears to break, and some of the rollers wear at the contact with the edge of the conveyor belt, causing the fracture;

Damage to the roller causes damage to the bearing

Mainly because the roller bearing is not flexible, there is bearing point wear, and there is a serious rust to cause the roller to not rotate;

Common forms and causes of belt conveyor roller damage

Other damage forms of the rollers

Such as the barrel and the bearing seat off welding, cracking; bearing out and other forms.

The belt conveyor idler is the most important part of the belt conveyor and the most abundant part of the belt conveyor. The belt conveyor idler is different from the unpowered roller for material conveyance, although the composition and appearance are approximately the same. However, the belt conveyor idler has a large carrying capacity and has a corresponding limit on the rotational speed.