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SEMLER BELTING - Safety Practices For Conveying Equipment

Mar 03, 2019

1. Ensure that workers are trained to understand the tasks and risks that may occur during work;

2. Arrange and emphasize safe work processes before entering the site, identify possible hazards, and equip workers with adequate labor protection supplies;

3. Site inspection is required before starting the operation, and hidden dangers are dealt with in time;

4. For mobile conveyor belts, it should be fixed before starting the machine and prevent the moving parts from being exposed;

5. An adequate safety barrier must be provided between the moving parts and the staff;

6. Mark the dangerous area around the conveyor belt and set up a safety barrier and emergency stop device before entering the operation;

7. Keep away from dangerous areas during work;

8. It is forbidden to wear large overalls during work near the conveyor belt;

9. The walkway and way to all stations must be safe.