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Rubber Conveyor Belt Symposium

Mar 02, 2019

Our city has launched a rubber conveyor belt symposium. The city of Zhangjiagang is an important production county for rubber conveyor belts.

It is understood that this symposium will strengthen the rubber conveyor belt of Zhangjiagang in terms of how to truly grasp the opportunity. Entrepreneurs and some senior executives will discuss the current status and future development of the enterprise, small-scale and large-group collision problems, and enterprises. Speaking on the contradictions of sales and social sales, as well as production, process, management, quality and other issues. 11 units including the reform and analysis analyzed the problems of the company according to their own functions, exchanged ideas with the representatives of the enterprises, and made statements on the development of services and escorts.

Entrepreneurs are aware of these problems and have the desire to become bigger and stronger. This is a powerful driving force for enterprise development. On the other hand, the county government attaches great importance to the rubber conveyor belt industry. The rubber association also plays an important role in enterprise development. The environment is gradually improving and the future is bright.