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Roller Set To Prevent Conveyor Belt Deviation

Apr 06, 2019

During the use of the belt conveyor, the rubber conveyor belt is prone to deviation, wear and even jamming and tearing due to various reasons. Manual adjustment can only solve part of the phenomenon. In order to make up for this deficiency, a roller set with simple structure and reasonable design has been developed.

The principle of belt deviation adjustment: When the conveyor belt is deflected to one side, the upper adjustment of the heart roller group on the side will be quickly corrected. Due to the action of the connecting rod, the roller set on the other side will also be corrected at the same time, so that the rubber The belt can be automatically returned, so that the radius of gyration can be reduced, the angle of rotation can be increased, the rectification force can be increased, and the reaction is rapid. Since the axis of the vertical roller is perpendicular to the axis of the flat roller, the thrust of the circular belt can be reversed. It is completely used for correcting the action. This set of mechanism designed by Kunshu rubber conveyor belt manufacturer can adjust the moving rotary bracket by mechanical transmission. It has reliable effect, strong and durable structure, and can be widely used to convey belts of various materials. On the conveyor equipment.