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Roller Set Application

May 11, 2019

The advantages of using a suspension roller set are:

1. Conducive to the operation of the conveyor belt. In the case of making full use of the vertical movement characteristics of the roller, the roller set can be adapted to any load. If the ground is not flat so that the bracket is laterally inclined, the roller set can be balanced.

2. It is convenient to replace the roller. When one of the rollers is damaged, the roller set can be disengaged from the conveyor belt under the condition of uninterrupted transportation work, and can be replaced at any time. If a rigidly fixed idler is used, the replacement of the idler must be stopped.

3. Reduce operating noise. Due to the flexible connection between the rollers, the vibration and shock can be absorbed by the relative change of the position of the rollers in the roller set, so that the operation tends to be stable.

Pros and cons of installing the self-aligning roller set:

The self-aligning roller set is installed. There are various types of self-aligning roller sets, such as intermediate rotary shaft type, four-link type, vertical roller type, etc. The principle is to block or the roller in the horizontal direction to block or generate lateral thrust to make the belt. The automatic centripetal direction achieves the purpose of adjusting the belt deviation. This method is generally reasonable when the total length of the belt conveyor is short or when the belt conveyor is operated in both directions, because the shorter belt conveyor is more prone to deviation and is not easy to adjust. Long belt conveyors do not use this method as much as possible, because the use of the centering roller set will have a certain impact on the life of the belt.

When the belt of the belt conveyor is deflected in the middle of the belt conveyor, the position of the roller group can be adjusted to adjust the deviation; during the manufacturing, the mounting holes on both sides of the roller group are processed to grow holes for adjustment. . The specific method is which side of the belt is biased, which side of the roller set moves forward toward the belt advancement direction, or the other side moves backward. When the belt is deflected in the upward direction, the lower position of the roller set should move to the left, and the upper position of the idler set moves to the right. Tight adjustment The adjustment of the belt tension is a very important part of the belt conveyor's deviation adjustment. The two reversing rollers on the upper part of the heavy hammer tensioning should be perpendicular to the vertical line of gravity in addition to the longitudinal direction of the belt, that is, the horizontal center line of the shaft is ensured. When tensioning with a screw or hydraulic cylinder, the two housings of the tensioning drum should be translated simultaneously to ensure that the drum axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. The specific method of adjusting the belt deviation is similar to the adjustment at the drum.