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Reasons Of Cracks In Heat-resistant Belts?

Apr 15, 2019

The main forms of damage of heat-resistant conveyor belts are: cracking, peeling, etc. Today, we mainly talk about the cause of cracks in heat-resistant conveyor belts.

The cause of the crack:

1. The limitation of the space size, the number of bending of the conveyor belt is large;

2. When the joint is vulcanized, it has been vulcanized twice or more for various reasons.

3. The gap between the guide groove liner and the tape is not suitable, causing abnormal wear or foreign matter embedded in the gap, causing abnormal wear or scratch.

4. The material flow rate at the guide trough is inconsistent with the conveyor belt speed, and the drop is large, which accelerates the wear of the rubber surface.

5. The roller is damaged, causing abnormal wear or scratch of the tape.

6, the tape slips, it will also cause abnormal wear of the tape.

There are several reasons for the cracking of the heat-resistant conveyor belt. I hope that you will be able to pay attention to this in the future.