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Product Introduction Of Wire Rope Conveyor Belt

Aug 27, 2019

The tensile strength is large, the elongation is small, the impact resistance and the groove formation are good. What are the specific materials for long distance, large volume and high speed material transportation?

    1. Compared with the equivalent strength of the fabric core, the belt has good flexibility and the diameter of the drum is small.

    2. The galvanized open steel wire rope and the rubber material with excellent adhesion function to the steel wire rope are used to make the steel wire rope and the core rubber tightly combined, impact resistant and long service life.

    3, select the preemptive production process, the wire rope is placed evenly, the tension is common, the operation is balanced, and it is not easy to run off.

   4. According to the customer's special request to participate in one or two layers of tear-proof net to reduce the tear in the longitudinal direction of the conveyor belt