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Performance Characteristics Of Vibration Feeder

Oct 13, 2016

To material machine is a economic technology index advanced of to material equipment, and other to material equipment compared has following features: 

① volume small, and weight light, and structure simple; II installation, and maintenance convenient, run costs low; 

③ efficiency high, to material capacity big; II noise low, conducive to improved work environment; 

⑤ power less, power factor high; 

⑥ this equipment in far Super resonance State Xia work, thus amplitude stable, run reliable, on various material adaptability strong; sadly added ingredients needed adjustment eccentric block can convenient to no level regulation to material volume. Simple structure, feeding a uniform, continuous performance, vibration can be adjusted; change at any time and control traffic, convenient operation, eccentric as vibration source, low noise, low power consumption, good performance, no rush charge if using a closed fuselage vibration can prevent dust pollution smooth, reliable operation, long service life.