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New Drive Unit--electric Roller

Mar 22, 2019

Conveyor belt manufacturers are dedicated to serve you: The electric drum is a new type of drive unit that places the motor and reducer together inside the drum body. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyors, replacing conventional motors, and the speed reducer is a separate drive unit outside the drive drum.

    Dividing the drum type according to the transmission structure of the reducer:

    There are many types of reducers produced at home and abroad, but there are currently three types of types that can be mass-produced on electric drums.
    1) Drum motor driven by fixed shaft gear The most commonly used reducer device for electric drums at home and abroad is fixed shaft gear transmission, and more than 95% of gear transmissions are fixed shaft involute cylindrical gear transmission structures. The transmission has the advantages of simple orange structure, reliable performance, easy manufacture, convenient installation and maintenance, and high efficiency and low noise. Two-stage deceleration is commonly used, and a few are three-stage deceleration.
    2) The planetary drum geared electric drum has the advantages of small size, light weight, large carrying capacity and stable operation, but it is inconvenient to maintain. This structure is common in electric drums abroad. Type.
    3) The structure of the electric drum of the cycloidal pinwheel transmission can be described as "Chinese characteristics". Except for Japan, the transmission structure is rarely used in other countries. The electric roller with the transmission structure of the cycloidal pin wheel can be realized very small. Line speed and great power.