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Micro-inclined Easy-to-clean Conveyor

Mar 28, 2019

The structure of the existing belt conveyor is generally complicated, the installation is relatively difficult, the transportation efficiency is low, and the transportation cost is high. In the industry, we can completely solve such problems through an easy-to-clean small angle belt conveyor. The main implementation structure is as follows:

An intermediate frame with an inclined angle of 15 degrees is arranged between the head frame of the low-type tape machine and the spiral tensioning tail frame, and the head frame funnel is provided on the low head frame, the spring cleaner is provided, and the funnel is provided with the exterior. Electric drum, the spiral tensioning tailstock is provided with a tail-connecting screw tensioning device to change the drum, and the intermediate frame is provided with slot-type idler, parallel lower roller and reversing roller and other key components, and at the same time in the belt conveyor idler The group is provided with a high-strength heat-resistant rubber conveyor belt, and a hollow section cleaner is arranged at a joint of the screw tension tailstock and the intermediate frame, and a guide groove is arranged at a rear section of the intermediate frame of the conveyor;

The belt conveyor manufactured by the above method has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, high conveying efficiency, and low transportation cost for users during operation;