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Methods For Reducing Belt Damage By Mining Conveyor Belt

Apr 11, 2019

How to effectively solve the problem of conveying adhesives, what methods can reduce the wear of mining conveyor belts and prolong their service life? 

The problem of the adhesive material encountered in the conveyor belt can be solved by the following two methods:

First, use the belt cleaner

How to solve the problem of conveyor belt dip?

The belt cleaner can remove the adhesive on the surface of the belt. This has a certain effect on the large adhesive. However, if it is used on small adhesives, it will not be thoroughly cleaned and the belt will be easily scratched. At the same time, equipment investment will be increased. Cost and manual maintenance costs;

There are pros and cons, mainly to use the scene to choose the right way

Second, choose a suitable non-stick conveyor belt.

The good conveyor belt has its own physical cleaning function, which can effectively solve the problem of belt sticking.

The mining conveyor belt has a relatively large amount of work every day, and the working environment has more dust. How to reduce the belt wear of the mining conveyor belt and prolong the service life? Xinjian tape provides four methods for reference:

Mine conveyor belts reduce four types of belt damage:

A. All the coal feeder discharge ports are replaced with the discharge hopper, and inclined at a certain angle. A buffer member is added at the lower part of the coal feeder, and the large coal gangue is no longer directly squatted on the conveyor belt, reducing its impact on the conveyor belt.

B. Several reinforcing brackets are welded on the roller frame, and each welding joint is repaired to increase the strength of the roller frame; a hooking hook is added above the notch of the mounting roller to fix the roller so that the roller is not smashed. under.

C lengthen all the coal guiding point guide trough and the conveyor belt leather, and add a 3~5m net type guide net. After the large coal shovel falls, it will be blocked by the net to move forward along the running direction of the conveyor belt. Do not get stuck or fall between the roller frame and the return conveyor belt.

D Increase the density of the roller frame at the lowest point of the roadway where all the belt conveyors are placed, that is, add 2 roller frames between each roller frame to reduce the span of the roller frame here, and the conveyor belt transports coal. The raft will no longer hang down in the overhead of the roller after passing through the low point.