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How To Use The Endless Conveyor Belt Correctly

May 08, 2019

First, recognize the correct use of the endless conveyor belt and the endless conveyor belt

The endless conveyor belt refers to the vulcanized joint (also known as hot-adhesive) of the flat conveyor belt after the production of the flat conveyor belt is completed, because the environment or conditions are limited. band.

The endless conveyor belt is made into a jointless endless conveyor belt in the production process. It is characterized by no joints, no impact on the service life due to early damage of the joints, smooth surface of the tape and uniform tension, so the tape runs smoothly and the extension is used. The rate is small.

The endless conveyor belt will elongate during use, and a part of it is elastically stretched, and can be restored to its original state after the external force is removed. In the common fabric core conveyor belt, the elongation of the EP conveyor belt is relatively small, the elongation of the NN conveyor belt is relatively large, and during use, the NN conveyor belt has a relatively large creep due to the force of the nylon fiber, so during use The elongation ratio is increased, and because of the creep of the fiber, the amount that can be shrunk back is much smaller than the elongation after the external force is removed.

Second, the three factors affecting the price of conveyor belt

Factor 1:

The most fundamental reason is the raw materials of the conveyor belt. We all know that the conveyor belt is mainly composed of rubber and canvas. The rubber has to occupy the main part of the conveyor belt. Due to the fluctuation of rubber prices in the past two years, sometimes the high is outrageous. The price of the conveyor belt is relatively large.

Factor 2:

Workers’ wages and administrative expenses. Because production requires wages for workers, we have to manage conveyor belts, etc., and there is a cost in this area.

Factor 3:

From the point of view of the conveyor belt itself, the thickness of the conveyor cover and the thickness of the fabric also determine the price of the conveyor belt. In fact, we feel that this is also the most important factor.