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How To Solve The Problem Of Peeling When Using The Endless Conveyor Belt?

Apr 16, 2019

The endless conveyor belt is mainly used for carrying and transporting materials in the belt conveyor. When it is used, the skin may be peeled off. What is going on? Let us first analyze the reasons for this situation.

The reason why the conveyor belt is peeled off is mainly because the adhesion and strength between the cover layer and the core are low, so what are the main reasons for the low adhesion and strength between the two?

1, core paste overmolding can not be a good combination with batter.

2. After the core paste is plasticized, it is stuck with dirt when it is redirected.

3. The precipitation of plasticizer in the core paste reduces the bond strength between the core faces.


1. There is no problem in ensuring its own conveying device. The conveyor belt is only a hub, and its operation depends on the conveying device. The quality of the device is the first factor that determines whether the conveyor belt can operate normally.

2. The belt should match the conveying position, which is an important factor in determining the normal operation of the conveyor belt.

3, the belt is intact, if there is any problem, it should be handled in time.

4. The placement of the goods on the conveyor belt should be reasonable, as this will also affect the operation of the conveyor belt.

4. The operator should have the professional knowledge of operating the conveyor and maintenance conveyor belt, find the problem, and carry out the maintenance in time.