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How To Solve The Problem Of Cracks In Food Conveyor Belt Joints

Apr 21, 2019

Food conveyor belts are mainly used in the food industry to transport food and food materials, but in the process of use, there are prone to cracks in the joints. How is this going to happen? Next, the conveyor belt manufacturer told everyone how to solve this problem.

First, let's first analyze the cause of joint fracture:

1. The pulling force is too large, and the tension adjustment is too tight;

2. The conveyed material exceeds the maximum load of the belt;

3. The running speed is too fast;

4. The conveyor belt is in a harsh environment and the aging is accelerated;

5. Belt selection error;

6. The conveying roller is too small, and the joint does not turn to the roller;

7. The running time of the conveyor belt is too long.