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How To Repair The Wire Rope Conveyor Belt?

Aug 28, 2019

How to repair the wire rope conveyor belt?

    1. Repair of longitudinal penetration tear. Marked 60~100mm along the left and right sides of the crack, cut the damaged core rubber and cover rubber with a knife and make a bevel; sanding, the range is more than 10-20mm beyond the marking line, firstly in the middle of the crack and the upper core glue, then paste Cover rubber, the cover rubber is 1~1.5mm thicker than the working surface. It is 10~20mm wider than the grinding part; the next step is vulcanization according to the vulcanization procedure.

    2. Repair of the wire rope core. This method of repair is more complicated and is a patient and meticulous project. Remove the broken wire rope before repairing. Pay special attention to the case where two or more adjacent steel wire ropes are broken. Peel off the cover rubber of the repair section, insert a length of 800mm wire rope from every other side of the damaged part of the wire rope, and wear the damaged section, and clean the debris. Gasoline cleaning, coating glue, laying new rubber wire rope, brushing gasoline and glue to fill small isolation rubber strip, then core rubber, cover rubber, rolling vulcanization. If the tape with a wire rope is broken, the wire rope is cut at the part where the rubber tape is not damaged, and then vulcanized.