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How To Maintain The Winter Conveyor Machinery

May 09, 2019

a. Do a good job of winter insulation of mechanical equipment, unconditionally enter the indoor machinery and equipment, should set up a cold-proof shed, large-scale machinery stored in the open air should be parked in the shelter, not on the muddy, stagnant ground. Electric machinery should check or replace bearing grease

b. The project of winter break is to store and protect the equipment. The equipment to be turned off should be turned off the power of the whole machine. The battery should be removed and placed indoors for proper storage and charged once a month. The water in the machine should be completely drained and the care should be arranged. Personnel should pay attention to arson and sand prevention work while preventing freezing.

Of course, different mechanical equipment has different maintenance methods when entering the winter, and it is better to carry out reasonable maintenance in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer!

About maintenance and precautions for winter conveyor belts.

1. Cleaning: Keep the surface of the roller and the roller clean, keep the return roller and the buffer roller clean. The tape is clean when it comes back to the running.

2. Carrying point: The bearing point is the vulnerable part of the conveyor belt. The speed of the belt and the material blockage and impact force of the conveyor belt are all important factors to be paid attention to. The width of the receiving end of the charging chute It should be big enough.

3. Roller: The roller rotates flexibly, and the adhesive on the roller is removed in time.

4, up and down roller: should comply with the management of the roller and buttering regulations, repair or replace the damaged roller in time.

5. Tensioning device: Check whether the tensioning device can move, the stroke size, the sliding condition of the guide frame is good, regularly fill the oil, and check the cover plate installed in the tensioning device to prevent the material from falling into the cover.

6. Conveyor belt: Check the conveyor belt regularly. If there is early damage of the covering rubber and the edge of the conveyor belt is worn, the problem should be eliminated in time.