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How To Install And Replace The Conveyor Belt

Mar 04, 2019

Wear a flexible shaft on the take-up core of the conveyor belt, and put the roll holder well. Before the upper frame, pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower covers.

1. In the workplace that is not suitable for loading, the conveyor belt can be guided open, and the conveyor belt at the folding point has a radius of curvature large enough to prevent damage to the conveyor belt, and the folding place prohibits the placement of heavy objects on the conveyor belt.

2. If the belt is replaced, the new belt can be attached to the old belt and the belt is removed simultaneously with the installation of the new belt.

3. For conveyors that run horizontally, the old conveyor can be cut off at any point, and the conveyor running in the oblique direction should be selected to prevent the loss of control due to its own weight.

4. After the position of the new belt is placed on the conveyor, fix one end of the tape with a clamp, and then connect it to the rope that bypasses the roller and the pulley, and balance the conveyor belt to the conveyor through the traction device. To prevent the conveyor belt from collapsing with the frame.

5. Fix one end of the conveyor belt to the transport frame with a clamp and the other end by the pulley until the conveyor belt does not sag significantly on the return roller.

6. Fix the tensioning device 100-150mm from the starting point.