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How To Connect Conveyor Belts With Different Layers?

Apr 29, 2019

Flat conveyor belts are widely used in the industrial and transportation industries. They are mainly used to transport various materials and articles. In the process of use, it is inevitable that they will encounter various problems. Today we mainly say that the layers are different. How to connect the conveyor belts.

In general, two different conveyor belts cannot be docked. However, if an unexpected situation occurs, the site has to take this method when it needs an emergency. When using this method, be sure to place one layer of the two layers on the lower side, and place enough rubber at the sealant to eliminate the influence of the thickness difference at both ends on the conveyor joint.

Common conveyor belt joint methods:

Mechanical joints generally refer to the use of belt buckle joints. This joint method is convenient and convenient, and economical, but the joints are low in efficiency and easily damaged, which has a certain impact on the service life of the conveyor belt products.

The hot vulcanized joint is an ideal joint method, which can ensure high joint efficiency, is also very stable, and has a long joint life and is easy to grasp. However, the process is complicated and the cost is high.

The cold bond head uses a cold tack adhesive for the joint. This joint method is more efficient and mechanical than the mechanical joint, and should have a better joint effect, but from the practical point of view, because the process conditions are difficult to master, the quality of the adhesive has a great influence on the joint. So it is not very stable. Bonding with cold glue is equivalent to 40%-55% of the strength of the conveyor belt itself.