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How To Clean The Paint On The Surface Of The Rubber Conveyor Belt?

Jul 30, 2019

     Rubber conveyor belts are widely used in many industries. During use, the surface of the rubber conveyor belt will come into contact with the material, which will cause some materials to remain on the surface. Some materials need to be cleaned, but some are contaminated on the surface of the rubber conveyor belt. The material is not easy to clean, such as paint.

     Paint is a chemical mixture coating that has a strong, strong coverage and is therefore difficult to remove once it is applied. Usually we know that the paint should use a chemical solvent that dissolves the paint, but this is not the case with rubber conveyor belts to avoid damage. The rubber conveyor belt is the main transmission component on the belt conveyor. Its normal use is also indispensable to the supporting roller. Therefore, if the rubber conveyor belt is replaced, you can understand the replacement technology of the roller, perhaps afterwards. Will be used.

     Considering that it is necessary to be able to clearly paint and not damage the rubber surface of the conveyor belt, acetone or pyrrolidone can only be used. These two chemical solvents can meet the requirements. However, these solvents are very easy to cause damage to the skin, so wear latex gloves and masks when using them, and take appropriate protective measures. The reason why such a product can be designed is that the use of the roller set bracket as the angle steel can raise the rubber belt to the required height, so that the roller assembly can be easily disassembled. This type of device is also convenient to carry, so as to better ensure the normal use of the conveyor belt idler.