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How To Choose Rubber Conveyor Belts In Different Industries?

Jul 28, 2019

Rubber conveyor belts are widely used in many industries. At the same time, there are great differences in the types and performance requirements of rubber conveyor belts in each industry. Therefore, enterprises in different industries must choose rubber conveyor belts according to their own needs when choosing, to avoid the mistake of wasting human and financial resources.

     1, according to the length of the conveyor selection

     For short-distance belt conveyors, polyester conveyor belts should be used. For short-distance belt conveyors, fabric core conveyor belts can meet the requirements due to the low tension of the conveyor belt. At present, in the fabric core conveyor belt, the polyester fabric core conveyor belt has a smaller elongation and a higher tensile strength than the fabric core conveyor belt, and is preferably preferred.

     2, according to the nature of the material being transported

     The material to be conveyed contains large-sized block material, and the hardness is large. When the direct drop of the material receiving point is large, the thickness and performance of the cover layer should be selected in addition to the impact resistance of the conveyor belt. Use anti-impact and tear-proof conveyor belts. In particular, you can choose some nylon conveyor belts. Of course, you can't choose a product like ordinary conveyor belts. Otherwise, various problems are easy to occur.

     3, according to special job requirements

     For underground coal mines and other workplaces where flammable dust is emitted, the choice of conveyor belts should be strictly in accordance with national standards. When transported by roller-driven belt conveyors, flame-retardant conveyor belts must be used. The non-metallic material parts of the belt conveyor idler and the rubber-coated rubber compound must also comply with relevant regulations for their flame retardancy and antistatic properties.

     4, the working environment temperature requirements of the conveyor belt

     The working ambient temperature of the conveyor belt affects the choice of conveyor belt. The working environment temperature of a general-purpose conveyor belt is usually selected from a range of 25 to 40 °C. When below 25. In case of C, a cold resistant conveyor belt should be used. When the conveyor belt is working under cold environment conditions, the cover layer of the ordinary conveyor belt is prone to hardening, surface cracking and poor groove formation, and the conveyor belt slips on the drum easily. The design should be based on the working temperature of the cold environment, and select the corresponding temperature grade cold-resistant conveyor belt to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.