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How To Choose A High Quality Rubber Conveyor Belt?

Sep 01, 2019

How to choose a high quality rubber conveyor belt?

    1. First look at the rubber surface of the rubber conveyor belt. The rubber surface of the rubber conveyor belt should be smooth and flat, without bubbles, gullies and dryness.

    2, with finger pressure: with a rubber surface of the nail file, the rubber belt with high glue rate will not be smashed or smashed, the scar will recover in 3-5 seconds, the lower the rubber content, the slower the recovery or Do not recover.

    3. Odor: The rubber conveyor belt with high rubber content has no odor, and the smell is light. The rubber conveying with high reclaimed rubber has a very scent.

    4, look at the core: high-quality rubber conveyor belt core layer uniform, glue thickness is even; poor quality conveyor belt will appear different thickness of the rubber conveyor belt is used more frequently conveyor belt products, to strengthen this The management of the conveyor belt processing process ensures the pass rate of the product.