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How Is The Conveyor Belt Produced?

Mar 23, 2019

As a kind of industrial equipment, rubber conveyor belts have been widely used throughout the country, but for many ordinary people, how does this seemingly simple thing about conveyor belts? Many customers who came to our company to inspect were very surprised to ask you how you put the cotton cloth inside the rubber. Today I will answer this question for you.

The conveyor belt is divided into 3 structures, the working rubber surface, the cloth layer, and the rubber surface. Take nylon conveyor belt 1000 * 6 (4.5 + 1.5) as an example. Select 6 pieces of nylon cloth with 1 meter width to apply special scraping cloth to the cloth layer, then put 6 pieces of cloth as a whole, and adjust the internal mixer. For 4.5 thicknesses, press the rubber, adjust the mixer to 1.5 thicknesses and press the rubber. Put the scraped cloth layer between the two films, and then go through the high temperature vulcanized rubber conveyor belt!

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