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How Does The Conveyor Belt Prevent Tearing?

Jul 07, 2019

The structure of the conveyor belt itself:

For example, to improve the airtightness of the conveyor belt, to prevent the core layer from entering the water, and to corrode the steel rope, the manufacturer is required to strengthen the quality control and improve the quality.

The use of tear-resistant conveyor belts and conveyor belts that detect tears is currently used in ports and is used in some mines. The tear-resistant conveyor belt uses a steel wire rope as a longitudinal skeleton material, and a transverse reinforcement body is added as a tear-proof layer in the belt body. The structure of the layer is divided into two types: one is a rubber-coated mesh cloth; the other is a horizontal belt rope.

The covering layer is made of high strength, high elasticity and good wear resistance. The price of the product is about 20% higher than that of the ordinary conveyor belt, but it has little effect on the excessive debris, and the transverse steel wire is damaged more quickly by the exposed rust.

A conveyor belt that detects tearing is used. A sensor with a closed coil is added to the conveyor belt, the detector is mounted on the tearable portion of the belt conveyor, and the detector is attached to the controller.