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How Daily Maintenance Of Rubber Conveyor Belt?

Apr 04, 2019

Rubber conveyor belts are very popular because of their heat resistance and wear resistance. In order to make the conveyor belt have a longer service life, the following work is usually required.

1. After a period of operation, the rubber conveyor belt should be cleaned around the cinder and dust at the driving wheel, and the personnel should always pay attention to the operation of the rubber conveyor belt.

2. When the temperature is high, the rubber is softened or aged due to the influence of temperature. In the accumulated state of micro cracks for a long time, the rubber belt is easily cracked, thereby reducing the service life of the heavy rubber conveyor belt. This causes premature failure of the industrial rubber conveyor belt.

3. When purchasing units, in addition to testing their own performance, the unit should focus on the performance of the rubber conveyor belt, such as the quality of the rubber used in the polyester conveyor belt and the factory. Detailed quality and quality of vulcanization should be observed and tested.