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Effectively Extending The Life Of Heat-resistant Conveyor Belts

Apr 18, 2019

Heat-resistant conveyor belts are mainly used in steel, chemical, cement and other industries to transport high-temperature materials. In order to make the conveyor belt have a longer service life, in addition to its own quality, what methods can be used to extend it? Next, we will talk about the method of extending the life of the heat-resistant conveyor belt.

1. During the storage process, the rolls are placed, not foldable, and are flipped once every quarter during the placement.

2, to ensure clean during storage, to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, to prevent contact with acid, alkali, oil organic solvents.

3, the storage warehouse temperature should be maintained at 18-40 ° C, the humidity is maintained between 50-80%.

4. The type, structure and specifications of the conveyor belt should be reasonably selected according to the different conditions of use.

5. It is not allowed to use high-temperature conveyor belts of different varieties, different specifications and different layers. Gluing is used as much as possible, and cutting methods are never allowed to adapt to the width of use.

6. When transporting materials with large and rough wear on the conveyor belt, try to slow down the transportation speed, otherwise it will easily cause scratches on the conveyor belt.

7. The direction of material drop should be consistent with the running direction of the heat-resistant conveyor belt during use to minimize the impact.